Candyland 2: Game of Sugar


  • 4 Player Pieces
  • Deck of CandyLand tile cards
  • 4 Pink Candy Cards
  • At least 3 players
  • How to Start:
    Players begin by choosing a player piece, and being dealt five tile cards and one pink candy card.
    If there are less than four players, create a "dummy player" with everyhing but the tile cards. This player cannot act.

    The goal of the game is to collect all four candy cards. This is achieved by defeating the other three players and taking their cards. Each player begins with ten health points. During a turn, a player can put any number of cards in play, as long as they are the same color.
    By putting a card in play, that card can either attack, heal, or swap.
    To attack, one must play a card corresponding to the color of an opponents piece (i.e. green cards do damage to the green player).
    To heal, one must play a card corresponding to their own color.
    Of the remaining colors, purple cards can attack any player, while orange cards can heal any player. When a player is eliminated, their color can also attack any player, but not heal.
    When there are two players left in the game, purple cards can no longer heal.
    To swap, a player can simply discard as many cards as they choose, and replace that number of cards.
    A player should always have exactly five cards in their hand by the end of their turn.
    A player is eliminated when they reach zero health points, and their card is given to the person to attack them last.
    For each candy hard a player has (aside from their beginning card), they may have and draw one extra card in their deck.
    Players are encouraged to create alliances by promising healing, mutual attack on another player, swapping of cards from their deck, and splitting of awarded candy cards when defeating another player. Of these things, the only one you cannot lie about doing is the splitting of awarded cards. Try to base your strategy on working with or against other players.